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Welcome to the antistress and mind relaxing sensory toy game like Ludo star with dice rolling. Roll the dice on a big size chess board popper and win pop it in fidget board games. Throw chess dice and pop bubbles in a popit fidget board game or Pop it chess 3D- dice chess to be the world toys master. If you like playing antistress, relaxing, satisfying, and anxiety relief pop-it bubble popper games then go with pop it chess 3D - Dice Pop It and have fun popping pop it fidgets trading toys in the viral trading Pop it challenge! Become a popit master by playing a satisfying push pop bubble, relaxing, and soothing rainbow popper game.

Pop it Chess Dice Antistress Game
If you are facing daily stress or feeling any anxiety problem then this dice chess fidget toy game is amazing to give you relief as its perfect and unique combination of chess board and popit chess dice. You will get calming from the game in stress relief with sensory fidget in an oddly satisfying game. Antistress 3d Fidget Games with Pop It and Simple Dimple is a fun game that will help you relax now by popping in a fidget toy. Open Antistress Fidget Games and start stress relief games playing with pop it, simple dimple, push pop slime games. play this Pop it chess Ludo game with your friends and family members, tournaments, events and much more. It is a game to share great interests and childhood memories with your friends. It has a rainbow board, different refreshing colors that remove your stress.

Ludo Fidget Toy Game
The Fidget Ludo Roll game is the modern version of the royal game of Parcheesi. A Ludo game which was played between the loyal families in ancient times. Roll the Ludo dice and move your tokens to reach the center of the Ludo board. Beat other players, become the Ludo dice puppet master. This is the main trend in antistress games nowadays. DIY Fidget Trading Game helps deal with everyday stress and feel happy. Press all the bubbles to open the next colorful toys. Download this amazing and colorful game and get rid of boredom and make your life more interesting.

Easy to play
Friendly Interface
Relaxing and oddly satisfying ASMR simple dimple popping sounds
Antistress challenging square board push bubble game
Many Fidget cube 3d Anti-stress toys for popping